KEK THEMELIO- (ΚΕ.DΙ.VΙ.Μ2) certified by E.O.P.P.E.P, aiming at the provision of integrated human resources training and development services, intends to conduct training courses for employees through the OAED LAEK 1-25 Funding Program.

These categories may participate in this program:

  • Employers Representation Bodies
  • Scientific Associations, whose member companies employ 1-25 people and are not covered by a body representing the employers
  • Independent Employees for whom the LAEK employer 's contribution is paid
  • Their employers are not covered by organizations representing employers
  • Their employers do not wish to participate in a training program through their representative body
  • They have no fixed employer because of their employment

Staff eligible for training must have been already insured with IKA or be part of an OAED Insurance Sector while in the course of the training they have the status of a worker in that company. The exact terms and conditions for the implementation and repayment of educational programs are set out in an annual circular, posted on the OAED's website

The vocational training program includes enterprises that:

  • They want to train their staff and are members of the representatives of the employers in their sector who undertake the implementation of the training program
  • pay to IKA the LAEK employer's contribution for the employees of their company
    employ from 1 to 25 employees
  • the participating training program is not funded by another institution
  • employ from 1 to 25 employees
  • the participating training program is not funded by another institution are not funded by another training program for OAED and LAEK for the employees participating in the program


  • Training programs must be completed by 20/12/2016, with the right to extend by decision of the OAED Governor.
  • They are implemented by EAPPP-certified Lifelong Learning Centers 2, either at the KEK facilities or in the structures of the employers 'and workers' representatives, in a room meeting the required standards or in another appropriate place.
  • Programs must be implemented outside working hours (except Sundays and other public holidays).
  • They include only the theoretical part and can last up to 32 hours.
  • Every employee can only participate in one program.
  • Each section should have at least 10 and a maximum of 25 trainees.

The programs are audited by OAED Auditors during their conduct, who check the completeness of the project dossier, the identity of the participants, possible absences, as well as the correctness of other declared program-related data. In the case of incorrect or inaccurate information, the program has the right to cancel the program and cancel the application for repayment of the program.

Center for Vocational Training & Lifelong Learning, undertakes:

  • To diagnose the training needs of the employees of the Employers' Representatives sector
  • Design, implement and evaluate the appropriate Training Programs
  • Suggest the best way to manage the LAEK resource
  • To undertake to coordinate the whole process of submitting the training programs to LAEK, gathering the necessary supporting documents and submitting the programs to the OAED information system.
  • To prepare and maintain the necessary dossier for the submitted and implemented programs.
  • Perform all necessary procedures to repay the programs
  • To advise the Employers Representative Agency throughout the Training Programs
Share your interest through the following registration form so we can contact you directly or visit us at our offices from 10:00 to 14:00.
  • Patras, Panepistimiou 369Α Tel: 2610.453189 & Mob. 6948.259360.
  • Agrinio, Galani 16-18 Tel: 26410.48101 & Mob. 6934.269672.

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